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Jochem Vandersteen: has been writing all his life. With the Internet he found a chance to share his work with the rest of the world. He created the Godling site to find an outlet for the many superhero stories he wanted to tell. His main influences are: Roger Stern, Geoff Johns, Stan Lee and Grant Morrisson. He's also the writer of the hardboiled detective stories featuring Noah Milano. His stories have appeared in Thrilling Detective Magazine, Hardluck Stories, Pulp and Dagger and many other places. Everyone who’s got something to say to him is encouraged to contact him at

Rudy Vasquez: from the sketches of Jochem he drew the illustration found on the home page. His vision of the One Man Pantheon just blew Jochem away. Rudy lives in El Paso. After a few years in the Navy he started to work for indie comic book publishers. Currently he's a business owner for an advertising company and available for free lance comic book work. You can find more of his work here