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GODLING: The hero of story. He's got the power to channel the amazing abilities of the Greek Gods and heroes, making him the greatest super hero of his time and a One Man Pantheon. When he's not busy protecting the world or teaching mythology as his alter ego Professor Quentin Alexander he can be found inventing all kinds of new gadgets in his quest for justice in his secret headquarters.


PROFESSOR QUENTIN ALEXANDER: the secret identity / alter ego of our hero Godling. He's an expert in Greek mythology and has craved to be a hero for a long time. With his new-found powers he finally has the abilities to supplement the courage within his heart.

PROFESSOR  MONICA SAWYER: she teaches english at the college where Quentin teaches as well. Although engaged to tough city cop Wade Hudson she's the main love interest for Quentin. She, however doesn't see through the bookish image of him and just sees him as a good friend.


    SERGEANT WADE HUDSON: fiancee of Monica Sawyer and before Godling arrived the toughest hero of New Troy City. He thinks Godling should just leave protecting the city to him and the other cops of the New Troy Police Department.