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About Deadline

This site is created to showcase my stories featuring Harvey Banks, tabloid reporter. Harvey is more of an anti-hero than a real hero, he's not really a nice person, although he can be brave and is a loyal friend. In every story he gets involved in a horrifying adventure, in which he (often reluctantly) faces a supernatural threat. Sometimes the stories focuse on suspense, sometimes on gore and sometimes the story is more gothic in nature.

When a new story is posted for the first time you'll be able to find it on the Deadline Homepage. Old stories can be found in the archives.

If you like the stories here, you should visit the Tome of Darkness, which featured the adventures of Harvey Banks before this site started. Here you'll find other stories in the same vein as the ones you find here.

If you really enjoy the stories here, please e-mail me. This way I can put you on my mailinglist and warn you when a new story is posted on my site.

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