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Here you can find all stories featuring Harvey Banks that have been posted on this site. Enjoy these tales of horror and excitement. All stories are written by Harvey's creator J. Vandersteen.

A Watery Grave

People are disappearing near a lake, which leads Harvey to discover no monster is crueler than a human being can be.


The Bloody Kiss Of Death

As one of Harvey's friends is killed, he seeks revenge. But is he immune to the luscious beauty of a vampire?


The Color of Blood

Harvey investigates a gruesome murder case and gets mixed up in racial tensions and exotic legends.


Awaiting Death

Who is killing the residents of a nursery home? When hard-as-nails tabloid reporter Harvey Banks investigates he faces his greatest fear: growing old and senile.

A Serpent's Tooth

Stranded in the desert, Harvey Banks finds his salvation in the form of a beatiful woman. Or so he thinks...


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